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Back2School with Transformo Mini

Back2School with Transformo Mini

Back2School with Transformo Mini
  • Published on: 9 September 2021

As you probably know already, on Monday the kids are going back to school and this weekend is fully dedicated to last minute shopping, anticipation and thrills. For some, it’s the first day of school ever, an exciting event for the entire family that will undoubtedly go down in history. For others, it’s just another first day of school and all this getting ready is part of their day-to-day routine. Whatever the plot is, the first day of school questions are (almost) the same for everybody?

Backpack? Checked.

Clean & ironed clothes? Checked.

Cool summer stories to share with your colleagues? Checked.

Transformo Mini play & activity table? If not checked, then let us tell you more about why you need this in your life.

Discover Transformo Mini

Meet Transformo Mini, Transformo Original’s little sister. With a width of only 85 cm, Mini fits perfectly in any children’s room and gives you the freedom, dear parent, to enjoy all the space you have available without cluttering it with massive pieces of furniture. This convertible play & activity table will become your best friend in no time and will host all your kids’ toys, keeping them as far away as possible from your feet.

Play, study and storage, all in one

Yes, you read very well. These are all the functionalities you have available with Transformo Mini. Ideal for LEGO-loving kids that need a large space to express their imagination, Transformo Mini is the perfect table for your children’s playtime. Plus, you won’t need another desk in your kid’s room. Its compact, yet practical size makes Mini a perfect desk for study and homework, even for those group studies and projects your kids have to complete with their classmates. All you need to do is store all the toys under the table, in the designated spot, preparing the table for the homework session.

Transformo Mini is ideal for families living in compact homes as this table may retract to the wall, keeping all toys in place, sharing play space with living space.

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