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I need space…

I need space…

I need space…
  • Published on: 31 May 2021

Those three words have scared numerous unbothered souls. But lucky for y’all, today we are not going to dive in into the sad world of break-ups, ghosting or wrong matches on Tinder. Today, we’re going to approach space literally and complain a little bit about the challenges we all encounter while living in a small apartment in the city.

The storage challenge

We know, we know… storage space is every adult’s biggest nightmare. This and having to call the doctor by themselves for regular appointments because they’re too old to ask their parents to do that for them. In terms of space, living in an apartment in the city can sometimes be exhausting. ‘Where should I put these shelves?’, ‘Where should we place the Christmas tree this year so we don’t bump into it every time we enter the room?’ or ‘Do we have enough space for a home office?’ are questions we frequently address and challenges we continuously bump into. Constantly putting a thought into transforming the space around you into something functional is not your favorite every day task and might give your numerous headaches.

The answer to all questions

Lucky for you, one of the multiple benefits of living through an era with unlimited access to internet is being able to search online for ideas meant to help you better deal with the space you have at your disposal. Plenty of Youtube videos, TikTok accounts or interior design blogs are infinite pools of knowledge when it comes to space organizing. There, you can find out how to fold your clothes so they can fit your small wardrobe, how to better organize your kitchen so it can fit all your utensils and appliances or how to create a little space dedicated for working from home. Speaking of work from home, let’s take a closer look to this special situation, extremely prevailing since 2020.

How to prepare for work from home

Since we all found ourselves working from our living room, kitchen, balcony or even bedroom, we realized we are longing for a little space that simulates an office. But what do you do when adding a desk to your current house situation steals that little amount of space left around you? You go on www.transformodesign.com, you search for Transformo Max and you add to basket. Wait up to 10 days. Enjoy the multifunctionality it provides and share your excitement with your friends and close ones.

Transformo Max is a convertible desk that can turn into a standing desk, helping you save your home from becoming too crowded, as well as keeping your correct posture throughout an entire working day. When working, you can enjoy plenty of desk space for all your day-to-day prop. When enjoying time off work, you can use it as a book shelf, spice it up with a few decorative objects and including it in this way into your house’s ecosystem.

Discover more about Transformo Max, here. 

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