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5 reasons why you need a Transformo Original in your life

5 reasons why you need a Transformo Original in your life

5 reasons why you need a Transformo Original in your life
  • Published on: 13 August 2021

You know the feeling when you look around and there’s toys everywhere? You start telling yourself ‘here we go again’ and you start picking them up, putting them in their belonging place and you’re proud of your accomplishment. For like five minutes. Because there’s a new LEGO session starting soon and the small pieces will make a mined field out of your living room. Well, that’s the moment when you resign and ask yourself how could you ever deal with this situation. Please welcome Transformo Original! Today we will reveal you not one, but five reasons why you need it in your life ASAP.

#1 One desk, three solutions

Transformo Original isn’t just a simple desk. Due to its convertibility it can transform either to your children’s favourite play-table, an activity board for homework and hobbies, or to a cool toys shelf to put everything in place after the play time is over. All that in a matter of seconds.

#2 Giving you space when you feel like it

We all need space from time to time. Transformo Original knows that and it perfectly understands your needs. That’s why it can convert to a shelf when you need a to make a little more room. The best part? You don’t even have to move the toys when converting it. It can easily be lifted to the wall, just keep in mind that you have to make sure no toy’s height is more than 35cm.

#3 The perfect host for all the toys

At the beginnings of this article, we were talking about the uninterrupted cycle of playing – spreading toys everywhere – putting them back into place – playing again. Transformo Original will be your B.F.F. with this issue. Either we’re talking about big toys or small LEGO pieces that we lose under the sofa. On its shelf, Transformo Original can hold up to 12 LEGO motherboards, which means that Lego pieces and toys will have their own special spot from now on.

#4 Room for everyone

With 110cm length, 56cm height and 82cm depth, Transformo Original can welcome a gang of three to four kids for a play session. Because we know, strength’s in numbers, we made sure Transformo Original is big enough to make room for everyone.

#5 Eco-friendly

Crafted from a robust birch plywood, finely polished and protected with a transparent water-based laquer, Transformo Original supports the environment and will be around for (minimum) two generations. Also, it looks pretty good and will perfectly fit in any décor.

If you’re curious what other surprises Transformo Original prepared for you, discover him & his brothers here.

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