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Who is Rareș and why am I reading your blog?

Who is Rareș and why am I reading your blog?

Who is Rareș and why am I reading your blog?
  • Published on: 17 March 2021

Let me guess… you’re looking for inspiration on how to help your kid express his or her big ideas. You both love construction toys, playing with cars and trains and rails and you’d like some creative ways to lay down the houses, roads and train tracks, Minecraft or Star Wars worlds. 

You’ve got a small home like 90% of the planet's population (number it’s just a guess, maybe it’s 99%) and you want to make the most out of it. Smart living solutions are gold for you. You’re zapping the internet in search for inspiration on how to make a better use of your tiny living space.

Your back hurts and you thought a standing desk would do good for your health. But space is scarce so you’d like the standing desk to disappear when you don’t work.

Your back doesn’t hurt but you thought you’d still welcome a standing desk, especially if you can use it as a sit desk, too, just because you work from home. And working from home is not as easy as it looks. A dedicated place that keeps at hand everything you need, where you can work seated or standing, might be a game changer.

You love handcrafting, and always wanted to create something with your hands but lacked the workshop or the tools. How about buying a furniture kit, that is half-made and half awaits your input?

Maybe you have a hobby of your own, and - in order to practice it - you need hardware that offers you a worktop, drawers for your tools and accessories, storage, and all these without stealing from your living space.

And because you have a hobby of your own, you’re trying to find a balance between what you love doing and what you need to do for a living. You feel so determined to find ways to trade one for the other, to find that precious status quo, when you dare to make a living from your hobby.

Or maybe you just saw on Facebook or Instagram a picture of a guy snowboarding in the woods next to another one with the same guy crafting from wood, and you just thought: hmmm...what’s the deal?

You need to connect with people like yourself, having the same values, who you can inspire, from whom you can get inspired, in other words, with whom you can share experiences.


As you might have figured out by now, that’s me. I would do all these things, I would land on such a blog. I suppose that, if you’re like me, you would land on this blog, too.

My name is Rares and I think I have something to offer to you. 

I am an engineer and therefore I like to invent, design and build things, question old paradigms, try new ideas. That’s how my mind works.

I love inventing and crafting solutions that help people with their everyday problems. That’s how my heart works.

To put everything together, I have created this line of innovative and convertible living solutions, for play, study, work and hobby - TRANSFORMO. Building them - that’s joy for my mind, helping people and putting a smile on their face - that’s joy for my heart. 

This site and blog is the place where I showcase my work, test new ideas, reach out to new audiences and call for collaboration. On top of that, it’s a place to share inspiration, knowledge and human connection.

Work just began. Follow me!

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