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Your basic Easter activities kit

Your basic Easter activities kit

Your basic Easter activities kit
  • Published on: 8 April 2021

The 2nd Easter spent during this never - ending pandemic finds us home, amongst our beloved ones, very close to a table stocked up with delicious food made either by mom, grandma or our favourite aunt. Whenever I find some time to catch my breath and to think about life in general, I ’ve rea ched the conclusion that Easter has been, is and will forever be that one holiday 100% about family

Family members & roles

In every family, each member seems to have a role nobody has directly attributed to him, but it’s unanimously acknowledged and accepted by everyone. And every holiday starts off with some backstage work in the kitchen and around the house, where the entire family takes part and contributes. The, the greatest chef, the desert master, the beverages wizard, the DJ, the creative eye in charge with the décor and the MC meet in the living room and the fun begins.

Family activities

The general mood of the day: happy, happy, joy, joy. The Easter supper is the place where funny stories, adventurous tales and childhood memories are being shared with the loved ones and put a smiles on everybody’s faces. Hours pass until someone finds the courage to ask: ‘do you guys wanna play a game?’.

Board games are a regular part of our holidays, being a never-ending source of fun and laughter. Whether it’s Activity, Code name, Monopoly or Uno, every kind of game brings out the competitive side of each and every one of us, as well as our ingenuity, creativity and wittiness.

To ‘Lego’ or not to ‘Lego’?

The play’s not over when the Activity cards go back in the box, as it can continue in other ways, around a different kind of table. One of the passions that are deeply rooted in the family is our love for the Lego Universe. We love to create miniature worlds, where our own stories take shape. And because we have always needed a space dedicated 100% to the Lego Universe, we created Transformo Original, a play table specially made for those Lego lovers who need a special set-up where their imagination can play.

Are you a creative Lego enthusiast and you’re in need of a space where your ideas can romp freely? Read more about Transformo Original, here.

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