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Work from home – between space and clutter

Work from home – between space and clutter

Work from home – between space and clutter
  • Published on: 16 July 2021

Along with the unexpected situation that we all faced more or less prepared, we found ourselves in the need of a de-cluttering and reorganisation process, so that we can have more space dedicated to our job. Because 90% of us have limited space in our houses, the organising options are slightly limited. What should we keep in mind when we want to craft a creative space where we can be both focused and inspired? Stay tuned and we’ll reveal some of our secrets to you in the next paragraphs.

#1 Choose a desk that will match your place

We know it. You need lots of space on your desk for your laptop, desktop, coffee, papers, cat. But the space in your house doesn’t always allow you to place a big desk without taking up a lot of space. Our solution? A convertible desk. With this type of desk, you can get all the space you need, you can work from a chair or standing and after you finish your hours, the desk can easily become a shelf that will save all the space that a classic desk would’ve wasted.

P.S.: Because we also dealt with this issue in the past, we created MAX.

#2 Keep your desk simple & clean – only keep the necessary objects

To avoid a cluttered desk that can affect your attention span, it is essential to only keep the necessary objects on it, such as your agenda, a pen, the keyboard, mouse and of course, coffee. Do you really need so many papers?

#3 Choose three things and… throw them away

We all have the tendency to become little hoarders. Throughout time, we collect so many objects we never use. Look around you, how many of these objects are laying on the shelves and the only moment you touch them is when you dust them off? Choose three of these objects that you never use and give them a new chance. Donate them or throw them away and do this procedure constantly. After some time, you will easily observe how your house becomes more and more organised, minimalist and welcoming.

#4 Install wall shelves

Wall shelves are one of the most optimal solutions when it comes to saving space while still keeping the cool air of your home. Install two or three wall shelves above your desk and place on them all the objects that were standing in your way until now. Either we talk about desk accessories, papers or plants, these can find their own place to belong and not only you will save lots of space, but they will also look fresh and organised.

These are some of the ways we managed to better organise our home office and manage to remain organised in a disorganised period of time. The good thing is after you will no longer have to work from home, our MAX desk that we mentioned earlier will remain a useful shelf where you can place your books and those decorative objects that you truly love.

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