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Transformo seen by Anca Dușe

Transformo seen by Anca Dușe

Transformo seen by Anca Dușe
  • Published on: 22 September 2021

When you take two artists and put them face to face, offering them the freedom to create whatever they want, it’s hard to believe that the results won’t blow your mind. This is what happened with Rareș Sâmpăleanu, the creative mind behind Transformo Design, and Anca Dușe, a very unique photographer. Both Rareș and Anca transform their work into art and found just the right atypical way to express themselves.

Engineer by profession, Rareș has always been drawn to creating all kinds of things meant to ease up people’s lives. ‘I love to invent and build solutions that can help people with their day to day problems. A creative journey, an engineering puzzle, an entrepreneurial challenge and, in the end, the joy of creating a useful object that brings an extra helping hand in everybody’s life – those are the things that spice up my work’, Rareș told us a while back. And this is how Transformo, an innovative, smart, multifunctional and space-saver solution for play, study, work and hobby, came to life. At Transformo we can find now three different practical products, specially built for the modern man, who has plenty of passions and hobbies, but only a limited space to put them into practice. You can meet Original, Max and Mini on our website, where you can find out plenty of information about their characteristics.

Because he always loved choosing the creative path and step outside the box on his way towards reaching the most innovative solutions, the moment he came across Anca’s Instagram profile, Rareș knew that at that moment he found the perfect collaboration opportunity that perfectly matches with the brand. Art history savvy, Anca works in tourism for about 14 years. Her last 5 years were all about photography, an area she gradually specialized in. In 2020, during lockdown, Anca started a new innovative online project, meant to document her nomad life that suddenly took a different turn. This is how she started creating miniature worlds that capture the beauty surrounding us even in these confusing times we currently live in.

And then they met and started a beautiful project together. This is how the collaboration between Transformo and Anca Dușe happened, a project that managed to illustrate the essence of the brand in three frames. ‘I thought about mixing elements just like in a carousel: three different, separate acts, yet interconnected and fluid. We wanted people to enjoy an exquisite visual experience. For an extra pinch of attention to details, the action takes place on a Transformo desk, 1:1’, Anca shared with us.

The three scenes illustrate three key moments in the creation process, the main character being no one other than Rareș, the innovative mind behind Transformo. The journey starts with an idea, illustrated in the first scene through numerous elements that symbolize a fresh new start (the clipboard, the sketches, pencils, clean brushes that haven’t met the paint yet), but also through a character that embraced his role as a creator: with a pencil in his hand, ready to sketch on a piece of paper the idea he has in mind and re-invent the way people use their space.

Stepping into the second scene, we unveil the whole design process. The drawing tools are enveloping the main character, interacting with him and guiding his steps closer and closer towards the final product. We are at the moment in a more technical area, in a moment when the main character thinks and searches the most optimal way to put his idea into practice.

Last but not least, we’re facing the last scene, the most attractive and playful one: the finishing touches. Our main character found the big idea, found the best way to put it into practice, so now the fun can begin!

The whole Transformo X Anca Dușe collaboration brought together two different creators who share a similar vision, that managed to tell Transformo’s story in three scenes, perfectly evoking the atmosphere, ingenuity and state of mind associated with the brand. So take a seat and enjoy the brand that can fit in everybody’s houses and hearts!

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