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Men vs. gifts: a dilemma

Men vs. gifts: a dilemma

Men vs. gifts: a dilemma
  • Published on: 7 April 2021

Men...this eternal riddle when it comes to gifts. Whether we are talking about friends, siblings, lovers or husbands, fathers or grandparents, buying a gift for the wonderful men in your life can be quite a difficult task, but not impossible. What you need to pay attention to when you want to make a gift to a loved one, so that it is a successful and appreciated gift, you will find out if you follow us. 

Age is important

Indeed, age does not matter, but when it comes to gifts it is the first thing we need to keep in mind. Preferences, hobbies, tastes in general differ when the person evolves and passes into a new stage of his life.

For teenage boys, we recommend punctual gifts, dedicated to their current hobbies. Listen to the stories your kid tells you (even if you are tired) and pay attention to details. Our children always say what they want, some more subtle and others more obvious.

For young men you can opt for a good book, if he is passionate about reading, or some sports articles to help them stay in shape from the comfort of their home.

For adult men, there will always be a bottle with their favorite drink or a kit through which they can practice a hobby dear to them. But if they have no hobby or no affinity for strong tastes, you can go safe with an item of clothing in their style or an object DIYed by you that will stay with them forever.

For older men, we recommend to rely on emotion. They will certainly be happy to tears if you give them a framed picture of you and his grandchildren, or a letter written by the little ones themselves. 

Listen, listen and...take notes

People always talk about their passions and interests. It's just that sometimes we're not paying enough attention. Try to be present when your loved ones talk about the things they enjoy and take notes. Write down every insight they give you. "Today I saw an ad for painting on numbers, I found it very interesting how those paintings finally came out." Painting on numbers. Noted. Add to cart. So simple.

A gift for all ages

We all grew up with Lego games. Whether we are talking about the generation of our grandparents who played with pieces of wood that they used to build all sorts of things, or we are talking about the generation of today's kids who build whole Lego worlds, this game will always remain relevant, present in our souls for an eternity. So, a Lego set, from the simplest (for young children) to the most complex (for Star Wars fans, for example) will always be a good choice.

P.S. If you, the one who's looking for inspiration on my blog, are a Lego fan just like me, may I suggest you an excellent solution for play, storage and why not, show-off for friends? You can find it here.


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