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Learning through play!

Learning through play!

Learning through play!
  • Published on: 29 April 2022

For children, playing is a must – from the moment they are born, up until adulthood, this activity plays a crucial role in their cerebral and behavioral development, constituting the foundation for their entire life.

Because of that, learning through play is an often used method that helps children become aware of what’s happening around them, as well as gain new knowledge and abilities, without looking at it as a burden.

In this day and age, there are numerous games that have been created with this sole purpose. The Montessori method is worth mentioning, as it is rather popular both among educators and parents. What does this method actually entail? It’s rather simple – children get to practice valuable skills through certain games, with the purpose of having their interests stimulated in such a manner that allows them to learn things that are of interest to them.

The toys market is full of games that aim at enhancing children’s abilities, but we should not forget about the old ones, that some of us also used to play when we were young, games that do not require any preparations or too much money.

One of these above-mentioned games is Lego, the game that, as we’re sure you already know, helped Transformo come to life! By building Lego, the little ones practice not only their handiness and imagination, but also their perseverance – often times, Lego constructions a) don’t turn out as planned from the beginning and b) do not have enough stability and need to be rebuilt from scratch!

As we’re sure you already know, the Transformo Mini 3-in-1 play table is ideal for various activities and building, but most importantly, for expressing one’s imagination! Moreover, Transformo Mini is suitable for Lego base plates and can accommodate up to 9 of them, meaning that children can place their Lego pieces or other mini-figurines.

We should also remind you that the play table is equipped with storage space and can act as a shelf, thus, children have the opportunity to learn how to take care of their games and toys. In other words, you can easily teach yours kids accountability and, as time goes by, these actions will become good habits!

Regardless of the games and activities you opt for, we hope that the above-mentioned information comes in handy! You’ll hear from us soon, on the occasion of a new article!

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