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How do we teach our children to be responsible?

How do we teach our children to be responsible?

How do we teach our children to be responsible?
  • Published on: 30 May 2022

As we all know, people like to be free, to be able to decide for themselves and, above all, to feel that they are in control. However, while we are fully responsible for who we are or become, no one is born with a sense of responsibility.

Children tend to be disorganized, they tend to leave toys scattered around the house, and most of the time, they are either too possessive of their things and don’t know how to share them, or they don’t take care of them and don’t understand what it means to belong to you.

Responsibility and good habits, however, are taught, and as parents, it is our duty to support children and guide them step by step. Obviously, we learn from mistakes, so we must also give them freedom, to live on their own the repercussions of less good choices.

Not a few are the children who, due to lack of responsibility or even organization, manage to lose their toys, puzzle pieces or even their favorite Lego set, and that sounds the most painful for us, the Transformo family… you know we are Lego fans! Therefore, we must be careful that the little ones take care of their things, know where they put them, but also how to use them.

A real help to empower children is the Transformo Mini, the Lego 3 in 1 play table, a perfect piece of furniture for Lego, but also for creation!

The Transformo Mini is the ideal solution to give free rein to the imagination, but also a real help for families living in compact spaces, where messiness seems to be the ruler of the house! The play table can rise to the wall, keeping the toys and creations of the little ones in place and sharing the creative & play space from the rest of the rooms.

Being easy to use, Transformo Mini is a good start to empower the little ones and get them tidy, and little by little, we are sure they will learn good habits!

We hope that this Article, even if it is short, will help you, and we will see you again, on the occasion of a new blog post!

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