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Getting ready for autumn clean-up

Getting ready for autumn clean-up

Getting ready for autumn clean-up
  • Published on: 15 September 2021

The chill season is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We kinda miss the sweater weather, the cold mornings, the cloudy days and the fluffy blankets we used to cover ourselves with when watching a movie or reading a good book. Before autumn fully settles in, it’s high time we put our foot down and transform our home into a cozy, welcoming and relaxing place, that will host numerous movie nights, hang outs and family dinner until the temperatures go up again. Therefore, an autumn clean-up is the first task on our to-do list. What are the steps towards a clean & welcoming home? Let’s find out.

#1 Make room for your autumn & winter clothes

Free up the shelves and pack away your summer clothes. Freshen up the wardrobe by cleaning all the shelves and hang new scented sachets. Organize your autumn & winter clothes and store your summer wardrobe on the upper shelves, out of your way because you won’t be needing them for a while. Don’t forget to sort your clothes and to donate everything you don’t wear. You’ll make plenty of room in your wardrobe for new acquisitions!

#2 Clean all the windows and wash all the curtains & drapes

Freshen up your home scent by washing all your curtains and drapes. While they are in the washing machine, make sure you clean all the windows, dust all your window sills and clean all your window nets thoroughly. After this, hang your drapes and curtains and enjoy a brighter home, nicely perfumed.

#3 Clean the carpets

Make sure all your carpets are clean, as fluffy as they can get and ready to keep your feet warm even in the coldest days. Dust them, clean them with a brush and carpet cleaner and vacuum them thoroughly. When you finish, put them back in their original spot and enjoy the warmest walks between the couch and the fridge.

#4 Make your home as cozy as it can get

Bring back all the autumn props! From scented sticks & candles, warm and fluffy blankets and decorative pillows and all the way to warm, autumn colors, decorate your home for the nights when “let’s go out” becomes “it’s raining, should we stay in tonight and watch a movie?”. And, although it’s not necessarily decor, don’t forget to stock up on snacks and hot chocolate and to update your watchlist with movies and TV shows you want to see. Winter is coming!

#5 Spice up your work from home corner

Organize your work from home corner and get rid of all those useless papers you no longer need. Play around with the overall atmosphere and decorate the space with some items that will transform your entire work from home experience: o warm and fluffy blanket, a couple of scented candles, some marshmallows for all those hot chocolates you’ll enjoy while working on your Excel and, why not, a vase filled with decorative flowers.

P.S. The Transformo Max desk has plenty of room for all the above-mentioned stuff. Plus one laptop. Plus your favorite book. Plus other documents and files you need on a day to day basis. Besides this, when the home office closes, Max can be retracted to the wall, making plenty of space for you to enjoy.

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