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Furnishing small spaces with Transformo’s help

Furnishing small spaces with Transformo’s help

Furnishing small spaces with Transformo’s help
  • Published on: 11 January 2022

For small spaces, where mom, dad and their child or children need to coexist, furnishing can be a real challenge. What is of utmost importance is that any apartment, regardless of its square footage, feels like a home!

There are a few rules that we could guide ourselves by, so that the available space is optimized, functional and has a unique design. An important part is played by the chosen colors – the warmer and more pastel they are, the bigger the apartment seems.

An important part is also played by furniture – for smaller spaces, modular and convertible furniture can come in handy! With this idea in mind, Transformo came to life!

Therefore, after having decided upon the colors of the walls or other details, you can choose the Transformo that best suits your needs. The convertible stand-up Transformo Max desk is ideal for adults, as not only does it provide you with office space, but it serves as storage space as well! You could also opt for a light color, that matches the aesthetic of the room.

For children, Transformo Mini, the 3-in-1 Lego play table, is the ideal element for both play and creation. Due to its storage space, once the artist of the family is ready to put his art aside, the desk can be put by a wall and used as a shelf.

Moreover, Transformo Mini is made out of carefully polished birch plywood, while its color is warm and ideal for giving the impression of a bigger space.

It’s very important that yoy don’t forget to use all available space to the maximum, as any corner could easily find its utility, whether we’re talking about storage, or contributing to the home’s ambiance!

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