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Cool LEGO worlds you might instantly love

Cool LEGO worlds you might instantly love

Cool LEGO worlds you might instantly love
  • Published on: 27 August 2021

The LEGO universes, a bunch of parallel worlds ready to be explored both by adults and kids, it never stops to amaze us every time we pass through the children’s toy district. Either we’re talking about kids toys or adult hobbies, the LEGO world suits everyone, bringing so many unforgettable family moments. From architectural elements & arts, to TV series dedicated worlds, we invite you to discover some of the LEGO universes that blew our minds. Ready, set, leggo!

#1 Let’s start off with some grown-ups’ business – LEGO Architecture

Not only they’ll keep you busy for a while, but after you get them done, they’ll easily find their place in your home as a deco. How would it be if you could brag to your friends that you yourself built the White House, all alone? Amazing. A bunch of stunning buildings are waiting for you to put your architectural brain to work and build realistic layouts.

#2 To: DC fans

Didn’t you always wish to pilot a Batmobile? Well, now you have the chance to build it yourself. You won’t pilot it though, but you’ll be even more satisfied knowing that the Batman LEGO action figure will save the world in the automobile built by you. In the same category, you’ll find some of the famous scenes from the DC comics, such as Joker’s pursuit with the mototricycle or the invading of Clayface in Batcave.

#3 Still didn’t make it to DisneyLand? No problem. Bring DisneyLand home.

Elsa, Anna, Mulan, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora and the other Disney princesses that we all love, are ready to move in with their castles. Because they’ll take some space, the Transformo Mini playtable can become the best host for their amazing castles. Also, Mickey & Minnie could keep them company.

#4 Expecto patronum!

If you’ve seen the Harry Potter movie series or your read the thrilling books, you can’t stay away from the Harry Potter LEGO universe. Either you want to start small with the Diagon Alley to celebrate going back to school, or you take courage in building the great Hogwarts Castle, you can be sure this experience will be magical.

#5 Marvel multiverses

Still debating after the last Marvel movie? Then maybe you should remake some of the scenes to figure it out what really happened. Or maybe you want to control the faith of the Universe with the Infinity Gems and you’re missing the Gauntlet. The Marvel LEGO universe brings together parents and kids, ready to impersonate their favorite characters.

#6 For the real OGs – StarWars

One of the most sophisticated LEGO worlds, but also one of the most impressive, is the StarWars universe. Millenium Falcon, with more than 7500 pieces, it’s probably one of the most detailed LEGO constructions that will surely win every StarWars fan’s heart. In the same universe, you can find the cute R2Ds and BB-8 robots, but also a bunch of spaceships from the movie trilogy.

With so many options, you’ll need more space to build them, but also more space to store them. Here we come in handy with our Transformo Mini who can hold up to 9 LEGO plates, and the boxes can easily be deposited under the table.

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