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All you need to know about Transformo Max

All you need to know about Transformo Max

All you need to know about Transformo Max
  • Published on: 30 July 2021

In life, creativity is really a savior no matter the age. In school, you are pushed to expand your creativity through games and exercises that are fueled by imagination such as arts & crafts classes, drawing classes, music and even other conventional activities such as math or languages. Because yes, getting the right answer and solving the problem are important aspects. But it’s also important how you get there and how creativity steps in and looks at the matter with fresh new eyes.

Later in life, every little hitch forces you to get creative and provide a solution both practical and out-of-the-box. And what’s one big challenge of the adult life we are all confronted with? Saving space at home.

Yeah, we know it’s a hard task to fit all your belongings into a rather small apartment. If you’re not part of the 0.0001% of the world population who adopted a minimalist way of living, organizing your home might sound like a difficult thing to do.

In the era where working, learning & living are sharing the space under the same roof, we have come up with a fine and dandy solution meant to make your life easier: Transformo Max.

What’s Transformo Max?

Transformo Max is a convertible desk that transforms into a standing desk in the blink of an eye, ideal for small homes where space is crucial and saving it might seem like a burden. Max is a real life saver for those who work or study from home and need a fully functional office environment that can be parked against the wall when office or school hours are over and space is needed for other daily activities.

All you need to know about Transformo Max

  • it’s a 2-in-1 sit desk and standing desk
  • it’s ideal for those who study or work from home
  • it takes care of your posture, helping you alternate sitting and standing while working
  • it gets back to the wall when you need that extra space in your life
  • it has some nice & discreet shelves for storing your text books, work files, or papers
  • it can easily match your home design and look good

Transform(o) the way you use space and choose Transformo Max!

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