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5 things we learnt by playing with Lego

5 things we learnt by playing with Lego

5 things we learnt by playing with Lego
  • Published on: 9 June 2021

The Lego play might seem like a childish activity sometimes. However, it appears that studies are showing something different. Because of Lego’s complexity, this type of activity started to become more than a simple game, but a form of therapy for spectral and non-spectral children. Lego building implies focus, intuitiveness and it stimulates the kids’ cognitive processes while still encouraging them to be creative and imaginative.

What did we learn by playing Lego?

#1 How to solve mathematical and spatial problems

Maybe you think it’s easy-peasy, but Lego constructions are often requesting some math skills, predictions and analogies. All these help children to develop their numeric and spatial intelligence, maybe even without them noticing that… they’re doing math.

#2 Psychomotor development

Fine motor skills are some of the essential aspects in children development. From a very young age, it is strongly advised to work with our kids in activities that imply small and fine objects, in order to nurture a healthy development of their motor muscular skills.

#3 Creativity and imagination at the best

I think we went way too serious. Yes, in the end, Lego is about creativity. About thinking out-of-the-box. About coming up with new set-ups and objects. That’s why we strongly state that Lego playing stimulates creativity and lets the imagination wander on unknown lands.

#4 Perseverance and ambition

You know what it’s like to try and solve a problem, never reaching an answer, but still not quitting? Well, this is what we learnt from Lego. When the pieces don’t seem to fit anywhere, you try again. And again, and again until you make it. Perseverance and ambition are two qualities that we want to inspire to our children so that they’ll become responsible adults that are eager to fulfill their dreams.

#5 Concentration. Focus.

In this era of advanced technology, we constantly receive a lot of different information from different mediums. We often find ourselves distracted by the notification sounds, by messages and missed calls and we quit what we were doing to go back to our phones. Lego building is that kind of activity that will make you forget about everything around you for a couple of hours and not only you will reconnect with yourself (the adult) but you will also help him (the kid) to correctly use his attention span.

What did you learn by playing with Lego? And also… how did you manage to keep the constructions intact without occupying lot of space? If you didn’t find a solution for this, find a hint here. 

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